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Permanence and stability: The missing ingredients for Victoria’s most vulnerable children

PCA Families commissioned a review of the current state of permanent care and adoption in Victoria to understand:

  • Why children in out-of-home care are not moving to stable, permanent arrangements in a timely manner when they are unable to be re-unified with birth parents;
  • The consequences for children the longer they remain in the out-of-home care system;
  • The support children in permanency arrangements need in order to recover from the accumulated harm, identity, and developmental issues; and
  • What children and permanent care families require to create and sustain a stable environment that improves life opportunities and outcomes. 

The key findings from the report were:

  • Stability is key for children to recover from the significant disruption in their lives.
  • Victorian permanency legislation has not gained the traction that was expected.
  • Inequity and systemic barriers to permanency require urgent attention.
  • Aboriginal self-determination must drive all decisions and solutions for Aboriginal children.
  • Only with sustained support will outcomes change.

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Download the report

Various permanency options and what they mean for families were identified, covering matters such as inheritance rights, birth certificates, key parenting decisions and financial supports. You may find the table that summarises these matters interesting.  See the link below.   

Permanence and Stability Report Table Summarising Rights by Order and More