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The Adoption Network offer resources for parenting adopted children and include a detailed guide on how to talk about adoption at the various ages and stages of development.

Parenting advice from a trauma-informed lens on how to keep grounded and stay connected during the Covid-19 Pandemic Staycation, and other trauma informed advice.

Deb Dana offers her rhythm of regulation, based on polyvagal theory, in podcast or written form, including teachings on how how to regulate involuntary physiological systems in the autonomic system, like heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. Important for moving from protection to find connection.


Robyn Gobbel is an educator dedicated to understanding why humans behave the way they behave and how the brain works after experiencing trauma, where behaviors are simply an externalization of what's happening in the brain, body, and nervous system. She offers response to children's behaviors in a way the creates healing, not just behavior change.

A podcast on helping children thrive at school with Adopt Change CEO Renee Carter. An insight for educators.
Produced by the Attachment & Trauma Network, Julie Beem & Ginger Healy explore the trauma-informed, attachment-focused concepts of Regulation (self-regulation/co-regulation) and Relationship (building connection) and how children build resilience and emotional health through the ways in which we parent.

Dr Karyn Purvis resources for teachers to learn about trauma informed teaching in classrooms, incoprorate the TBRI model.

How to parent in a pandemic.

Dr Dan Siegel and Dr Tina Bryson discuss safety, seen, soothed and secure.

The UK Trauma Council have this animated video that explains how trauma affects young people.

A great option for sharing with friends, family or schools.

Stories from Adopters and Adoptees to help with healing.

Includes a recent podcast for schools to consider trauma practices. 

Practical advice on how to parent from a trauma perspective and build attachment.

Based on Dr Karyn Purvis's book "The Connected Child".

The Generation Next Youtube Channel makes the latest strategies and information in youth mental health available anywhere, anytime, providing useful tips to better support the young people in your lives. It includes expert interviews, lectures and short, educational videos on mental illnesses affecting young people, emerging issues as well as prevention and response strategies. Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Internet addiction are just a few of the many topics available in short 5 minute vidoes. 

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