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Flexible Funding

We distribute government funding to eligible families to help meet the needs of a child in their care.  The flexible funding program is jointly delivered by PCA Families and OzChild, supported by a consortium of other agencies.

Some of the ways families have told us that flexible funding has supported them

  • Helped my child build confidence and self-esteem
  • Helped my child build personal and interpersonal skills
  • Helped my child access support services so he/she can be happy and healthy
  • Helped improve interpersonal dynamics within our family
  • Helped improve my family’s understanding of the impact of trauma on children
  • Provided my child with opportunities to have fun, engage more effectively at school, develop and learn
  • Allowed my child to try new things and pursue their goals
  • Allowed my child to connect with peers and make new or strengthen existing friendships
  • Helped improve my child’s ability to manage what comes his/her way and be resilient
  • Helped my child to prepare for life after school
  • Helped my child relate to other family members and maintain contact with biological family
  • Helped me to build my relationship with my child
  • Helped me to manage what comes my way and stay resilient
  • Reduced financial and family stress, making things easier and more doable at home
  • Helped my child develop water safety and swimming skills
  • Enabled child to participate in team or other sports
  • Allowed child to participate in cultural or fun activities.

‘‘I am so blown away with the support that is there for not just my family but for other families that are permanent carers or adoptive parents. The staff have been amazing and it is so good to know that there is not only financial support but support for the carers, someone to talk to and someone to let you know what you can do for our beautiful grandchildren.’’


PCA Families will seek consent from you to contact a third party about your circumstances unless there is an immediate risk of harm identified for a child, young person or another person. Any client information used for PCA Families reports will be de-identified to protect the identity of children and families.