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Support & Services

As the go to organisation for the community, PCA Families delivers individual support and peer support services to permanent care, kinship care and adoptive families, informed by lived experience and research.


Our helpline offers support, information, referral pathways and individual advocacy services to permanent care, kinship and adoptive families. Find out more here.

Flexible Funding

Financial help to meet the additional needs of a child in your care. Eligible to families with a relevant Victorian order (12 months or more post-order) and in receipt of the DFFH care allowance. Find out more here.

Peer & Individual Support

Friendly and welcoming peer support groups and activities. Open to all permanent care and adoptive families, as well as those being assessed or in waiting! Find out more here.

Better Futures & HomeStretch

Funding to support young people on a permanent care order who turn 15 years and 9 months after 1 July 2021 to get the support they need as they get older and become independent. Includes Homestretch support until 21 years old. Find out more here.

Fact Sheets & Resources

PCA Families fact sheets and information are designed to educate and inform parents and carers of families formed by adoption, permanent and kinship care. They are not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.  Find out more here.

External Resources

A collection of useful resources created by other trauma informed organisaitons including podcasts, training, fact sheets and more. Find out more here.

Lived Experience YouTube Recordings

The Lived Experience Parenting Channel is a free virtual community to support kinship, permanent care and adoptive parents, carers and families. The channel features persons with lived experience or professional expertise in the form of videos, or podcasts, together with written transcripts so that you can choose the best way to stay informed. Find out more here.