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From: 01 June 2023 19:30
Until: 01 June 2023 21:00
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From: 07 June 2023 12:00
Until: 07 June 2023 13:00
Selective Mutism What is it and when do you need to seek help? How does it differ to pervasive developmental disorders like Autism? What communication or other strategies might help? Is getting the child to speak the aim, or something else?
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From: 21 June 2023 12:00
Until: 21 June 2023 13:00
Share a humorous story about your child Do you have something that seemed concerning at the time but turned out to be funny or a blessing? Perhaps they are stories that have come to a conclusion. Perhaps the ending to the story is still not clear. Wherever you are in your funny story, it will help us lift our spirits and enjoy a coffee as we chat through the realities of parenting our children. Lets share our personal stories.
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From: 26 July 2023 12:00
Until: 26 July 2023 13:00
Strong Bonds and Staying Calm Staying Calm for Stronger Bonds We know that one trusted relationship can make the difference in the world of children who have experienced trauma. With this in mind, it is critical to protect that relationship and keep it strong. But how do you do that when all you might want to do is step away from a child who is being rude, aggressive or more? Lets share our collective wisdom and learn from each other.
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