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Nominations for Directors for AGM November 2, 2022

Positions to be filled 

PCA Families is currently looking for up to three new Board directors to serve a minimum of three years, up to a maximum of nine years.  To meet our Constitution requirements, one Director must not have involvement with permanent care or adoption.  In addition, the Constitution requires two current Directors, Naomi Colville (currently Chair) and Judy Gouldbourn (currently Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee) to retire and they have indicated they will be seeking re-election. 

PCA Families Constitution requires a minimum of seven board directors and maximum of nine, consisting of at least five Directors with a close personal or family connection to adoption or permanent care and at least two that do not have involvement with adoption or permanent care.   

The Board composition policy sets out further details of who is considered to have a close personal or family connection to permanent care and adoption, and the process of becoming a director. 

The skill sets the Board would particularly value at this time are: 

  • financial expertise (CAANZ or equivalent, risk management qualification, reporting of performance outcomes)  
  • fundraising/sponsorship/philanthropic success 
  • marketing/communications/media/crisis management 
  • strategic and innovative thinking 
  • technology expertise.   

To find out more about director responsibilities and/or how to nominate, view our Governance page.

Noinations are due by 18 September 2022.