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Click and Connect - Wed 21 June 12.00-1.00pm - Share a Humorous Story about Your Child

Peer Support for parents of adult intercountry adoptees
From 21 June 2023 12:00
Until 21 June 2023 13:00
Location Zoom Online Meeting -

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Deborah Hunt or Sonia Wagner

Perhaps you have a child that is very quiet and you are concerned that their language skills aren't developing? Turns out later that they just couldn't get a word in because they were surrounded by a roomful of chatterboxes!
Perhaps you were thinking your child isn't independent enough - they seem to have someone step in and rescue them time after time. Turns out they are one of the best influencers and networkers around.


Click and Connect provides a supportive social space that allows natural conversations to flow to ensure you are honoured as experts of your families and lives, while having the expertise of a PCA Adviser on hand for additional professional support.

Meetings begin with a brief overview of the topic by a PCA Families adviser before opening up to the group to share experiences, thoughts and ideas. 

You are welcome to attend as often as you like, whether that’s just once or regularly. Pre-registration is required via our Zoom link.