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Share & Connect - Peer Support - Thu 10 November - Bobbi Cook NDIS

Share & Connect
From 10 November 2022 20:00
Until 10 November 2022 21:30
Location Zoom online meeting - Melbourne VIC, Australia

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TOPIC: DIAGNOSABLE DISABILITIES: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH NDIS TO SHOW DISABILITY RELATED NEEDS AS DISTINCT FROM PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Bobbi Cook is a kinship carer and behaviour specialist who has lived the highs and lows of caring for those with a trauma history. She has shared many of her wisdoms with PCA Families in our Youtube recordings and we hope to hear more insights from her about how to succeed with obtaining NDIS support. Bobbi says “But I would say eighty percent of kids in permanent care yes would have a diagnosable disability that is NDIS eligible. If you present your case in a way that shows the disability to the NDIS you do actually qualify for that level of funding… talk about how you actually communicate effectively with the NDIS to actually show the gap between reasonable parental responsibility and disability related needs.” So bring your questions and lets learn from someone with lived experience.

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