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Young Adults

Young people reach many developmental milestones during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. They learn decision-making, problem-solving, coping and life skills as they become more independent. It can be a challenging period marked by major transitions such as finishing school, starting TAFE or tertiary studies, finding a job and leaving home.

During this transition young people often rely on their families to provide guidance as well as a financial and emotional safety net. Very few young people are ready for full independence at the age of 18 and in reality, it is much closer to the age of 24 (or older). This is especially true for our families formed through permanent care, kinship care and adoption due to the impact of trauma, grief, loss, attachment issues, abuse and/or neglect.  This is also a time when the combination of adolescence, identity and family complexities can place added strain on a family. Families may require support to prevent placement breakdown during this time. In the adolescent years many young people grapple with the question ‘who am I?’ and this can be especially challenging for children not living with their birth parents.

We have collected articles and links that are relevant to young adults. Visit our Factsheet and Resources section.

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