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PCA Families is a not-for-profit member representative organisation. We support the permanent care, including kinship care, and adoption community in Victoria.

Permanent care, kinship care and adoptive parents and carers come from all walks of life. When taking on care of a child or children, parents and carers share a genuine desire and make a conscious commitment to make a lifelong difference in the lives of children. They become the champions for their children, switching between the role of mum or dad, advocate, therapist, and negotiator.

In our experience, young people and families often require support as they struggle with life events and transitions during the teenage years. Young people have typically experienced trauma, grief, loss, attachment issues, abuse and/or neglect, which can have life-long effects.

Families may seek parenting assistance around their young persons’ and family’s needs related to, for example:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Peer and family relationships
  • Behaviour, including risk taking behaviour
  • Communication
  • Education needs
  • Health needs
  • Drug and alcohol use

Support provided as early as possible provides a protective measure against future challenges. PCA Families supports families with teenagers in a number of ways.

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