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Training for Professionals

PCA Families runs tailored training for professionals, delivering a unique mix of professional expertise combined with experience-based insights.

Training for professionals

Our training programs highlight how professional practice impacts on families in permanent care and adoption. Training is structured to facilitate reflective learning. It enables professionals to develop understanding and confidence in their professional practice as it relates to the specific needs of individuals and families formed through permanent care, kinship care and adoption.

Training for families

PCA Families also offers a range of training programs for adoptive and permanent care parents which can be delivered through agreement with your organisation. These programs are available within Melbourne and Regional Victoria, or online if preferred. This training may also be of value to your professional staff.  View our range of training programs and workshops available.

Some examples of our training programs include:

Parenting Plus - This specialised Therapeutic Parenting Course was developed by Relationships Australia (SA) in response to the needs of parents for support in parenting children through adoption and permanent care. The course is built around the core challenges of parenting children with early experiences of disrupted attachment and trauma.

Raising Teens - Adolescence can be a difficult time for many children and for their parents. For families formed through adoption and home-based care, this can be particularly true. PCA Families’s Raising Teens program aims to empower and equip parents.

Life Story Work for professionals working in the sector - Learn how Life Story Work can be used by parents and carers as therapeutic tool to use with children. Life Story Work begins a healing journey with children, helping them understand their past and present while providing resources to move on into the future.

For information on our scheduled training, please visit our Calendar of Events.  For further information on these programs or to discuss your specific training needs, please contact our Membership Engagement and Office Manager, Deborah Hunt, at or on telephone (03) 9020-1839.

Specialist database

PCA Families operates a specialist database of allied health and other professionals skilled in working with individuals and families formed through permanent care, kinship care and adoption. Helpline staff draw on this database when referring clients to external services.

If you are a practitioner or service with appropriate qualifications and skills to provide specialist therapeutic services to permanent care and adoptive families, please contact or by telephone (03) 9020 1833 to discuss being included on our database.