The Generation Next Youtube Channel makes the latest strategies and information in youth mental health available anywhere, anytime, providing useful tips to better support the young people in your lives. It includes expert interviews, lectures and short, educational videos on mental illnesses affecting young people, emerging issues as well as prevention and response strategies. Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Internet addiction are just a few of the many topics available in short 5 minute vidoes. 

Brigid Jordan, Royal Children's Hospital, and Anne Kennedy, Fellow of the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, together with Kids First, lead a study of children under 3 years of age who had experienced abuse or neglect, and were already demonstrating problems in emotional and beahviour regulation and delays in development. They provided a predictable, nurturing and responsive envrionment, with a strong focus on attachment, consistent caregiving and individualised attention. Significant improvements in social and emotional development and resilience were identified for these children.  

Read more about the results here: Research Results

The Miriam Rose Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving lives and creating opportunities for a brighter future for Indigenous children and youth. Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, 2021 Senior Australian of the year, is a renowned Aboriginal Artist and Educator who speaks 5 languages, along with English.  She was the first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory and is the founder of the Miriam Rose Foundation.  Her reflection on the deep inner spring inside us, Dadirri, offers insight into the importance of quiet and listening in to ourselves and our children.

The Australian Childhood Trauma Group offer a range of therapeutic services underpinned by the latest research based practice and design and deliver capacity building programs for social, emotional and learning needs. Practical outcomes based supports, wtih behaviour support programs and skill bite learning and training opportunities for parents and carers too. Their skill bite podcasts are definitely worth a listen on topics like lying, discipline and trauma.  

Berry Street offer Dr Bruce Perry's Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics which draws on trauma research, neurodevelopment and relational neurobiology. Basically that is psychological science speak about understanding the childs experiences and working out what interventions help. You can read more on the Berry Street site.

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing offers podcasts, produced by comedian Brian Nankervis.  In particular, its worth hearing from international expert Richard Rose who draws from his extensive experience working in out-of-home care to identify trauma informed enablers for nurturing attachment and life story therapy. Trauma informed content from an expert!

This podcast series is directed at Kinship carers across Victoria, formal and informal, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or close family friends. Topical issues from expert speakers are introduced, including topics like trauma in children, carer wellbeing, family rights, the law, welfare and model changes.

Adoptee Meets World is a podcast that share voices from the adoption community. The host, Addy Coryell. is a Chinese American adoptee who shares her adoption story and talks with family, friends, and special guests. A great start to learn more is Podcast No 4 - 10 Things I wish Parents knew about adoption.

Podcasts on the impact of trauma on childrens minds, brains and bodies, on why gangs meet the emotional needs of children and on what teachers and other professional need to know about attachment and trauma. Also includes content on various therapies including the power of story telling. Definitely worth a listen to one or more of these podcasts!
Find out where to go if you are interested in therapeutic parenting help (Episode 1) and listen to the tips on how to identify if your child is suffering from Developmental Trauma (Episode 2). Featuring content from Sarah Naish, Therapeutic Parenting Author and Parent.
Laura Bennett discusses various topics including one on the neuro cycle with Dr Caroline Leaf titled "The mind is our life-force and its wired for love". Dr Leaf discusses how to manage a “messy” mind or how to manage toxic input with her neuro cycle program (a 5 step process: gather awareness, reflect, write, recheck and active reach). Consider listening in!
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