Find out where to go if you are interested in therapeutic parenting help (Episode 1) and listen to the tips on how to identify if your child is suffering from Developmental Trauma (Episode 2). Featuring content from Sarah Naish, Therapeutic Parenting Author and Parent.
Laura Bennett discusses various topics including one on the neuro cycle with Dr Caroline Leaf titled "The mind is our life-force and its wired for love". Dr Leaf discusses how to manage a “messy” mind or how to manage toxic input with her neuro cycle program (a 5 step process: gather awareness, reflect, write, recheck and active reach). Consider listening in!
Are you interested in the latest research on the impact of the Coronavirus on young people? If so tune in to this podcast hosted by Professor Sharon Goldfeld from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

A great listen The Wisdom of Trauma by Gabor Mate. Discusses the importance of not disconnecting from feelings to avoid anxiety, addiction and to help with learning in schools by inclusion and connection rather than removal and disconnection.  Warning -holocaust content.

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A great discussion on the concept of optimal arousal and sensory modulation to achieve emotional and physiological safety.  Learn more about sensory processing disorders and treatments that might help.

Learn about Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit HD (ADHD), Intellectual Disability (ID) and other disabilities. Lancaster Consulting are hosting this session for Carer Kafe.

Legal Aid and Carer Kafe discuss the rights of children in child protection proceedings in the children’s courts.  Helps with advocating for children in kinship care.

Foster Care Associations Project Coordinator Deb Collard talks to Karyn Lloyd, Practice Leader, family drug and treatment coordinator Northern division DFFH to learn more about the Children’s Court and different types of court orders and court systems. Understand how the court process works with one magistrate from start to finish for continuity for the child, various orders and what they mean including care by secretary and permanent care orders.

Therapeutic parenting is a deeply nurturing parenting style, especially effective for children with attachment difficulties, or who have experienced childhood trauma. The book  highlights 60 typical problems from acting aggressively to triggers and how to respond.