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Complaints and Feedback - Know Your Rights

Complaints and Feedback - Know Your Rights

PCA Families values feedback as a constructive way to reflect on and improve policy and practice.

The team at PCA Families will act fairly and transparently and treat those who provide feedback with dignity, courtesy and respect.  Privacy and confidentiality will be protected

Complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction made by people who come into contact with PCA Families programs.
Feedback includes praise, suggestions for improvement, comments, compliments, complaints, allegations and thanks.
Feedback and complaints can be made to PCA Families by completing the online Feedback and Complaints form here or emailing the CEO at (including a description of the complaint or feedback, details of who it was reported to and your preferred outcomes).
Feedback and complaints will be reviewed by the Operations Manager and the CEO.  Complaints will be responded to within 10 working days, or an approximate date of resolution will be advised. If the resolution is unsatisfactory, a further appeal may be lodged by emailing the CEO: Feedback will be used to inform continuous improvement.

PCA Families Complaints, Feedback and Review policy is provided here .