Providing education and support to deliver better outcomes for children and families in permanent care and adoption

About Permanent Care and Adoptive Families

PCA Families has zero tolerance of child abuse


On 26 November 2015, the Victorian Parliament passed the Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Child Safe Standards) Bill 2015 to introduce seven child safe standards (the Standards) into law.  The Standards apply to all organisations involved in child-related work in Victoria.  To view our statement of committment please click here. 


We have changed our trading name …


PPSS has a proud history of peer support, advocacy and service delivery in Victoria.  2013 is our ten year anniversary and we look forward to celebrating this milestone with our members, supporters and friends at our upcoming Annual General Meeting on the 6th of November.  


As you will be aware, peak agencies such as the Foster Care Association of Victoria and Kinship Care Victoria, together with the Mirabel Foundation, proudly serve the foster care and kinship care communities. PPSS has strong relationships with these organisations and works closely with them.  


PPSS is however, the key organisation in Victoria representing the experiences and needs of permanent care and adoptive families. The PPSS Board has therefore decided that we should have a new trading name, Permanent Care and Adoptive Families, which more accurately reflects how our members view us and what we do. 

While our formal focus is on placement permanency, we continue of course to welcome members from all care groups (kinship care, foster care, permanent care and adoptive families) to our training and other support services. 




Strong families in kinship care, permanent care and adoption.  



Our Mission


Providing education and support services to ensure better outcomes for children and families in kinship care, permanent care and adoption.

PCA Families works towards better outcomes for children in kinship care, permanent care and adoption through delivering education, training and early intervention support services to: parents and carers; children, young people and adults; families awaiting placement of a child; and, the systems, services and professionals that impact upon them.


Programs and services are based on our unique understanding of the lived experience and needs of children and families in kinship care, permanent care and adoption.



Our work is informed by the following values and Principles

  • A commitment to the best interests of the child.
  • Empathic, peer-informed and strengths-based approaches that incorporate learning from the lived experience.
  • Empowerment for children and families and support for their voices to be heard.
  • Achieving greatest impact for children and families from the resources available, through sustainable operations and rigorous business practices.
  • Building products, programs and services of ongoing value to the organisation and to children and families in kinship care, permanent care and adoption.
  • Understanding and valuing the distinct and vital roles played by volunteers and paid staff.
  • Becoming a learning organisation, characterised by: embedded learning; systems thinking; open inquiry; shared vision; and, continuous improvement.
  • Social justice, equity of access and ethical practice




The Permanent Care and Adoptive Families (Vic) Inc was formally established in 2003, following several years of planning and consultation. It is an early intervention education and support service which serves individuals, families and groups who have a personal or professional connection with kinship care, permanent care, adoption and foster care.

The Permanent Care and Adoptive Families (PCA Families) is incorporated and has been endorsed as an Income Tax Exempt Charity and a Public Benevolent Institution by the Australian Taxation Office. The organisation is run by an elected Board of Management made up of members with relevant professional and personal expertise. In 2010, we set up the PCA Families Resource Centre funded by the William Buckland Foundation, the ANZ Trustees, the Collie Foundation and the Felton Bequest.



The Pathways to Permanent Care and Adoption


PCA Families acknowledges that there are diverse pathways to permanent care and adoption for many families, which may include kinship care and foster care.  PCA Families is an exclusive service which embraces this diversity and works in support of all families permanently caring for children who have arrived with them through adoption, placement and the home-based care system.

Outside of this, the website and other forms of communication from PCA Families will consistently refer to the focus of PCA Families's work as being 'children and families in permanent care and adoption' of an appropriate derivation of same.


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