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Lets Connect - Bendigo - Mon 5 September

Lets Connect
From 05 September 2022 10:00
Until 05 September 2022 14:00

Contact details

Deboarah Hunt or Sonia Wagner
Getting together to connect with others with lived experience is important, so lets gather face to face and share tips and advice and/or seek out some specialist advice from one of our PCA Advisors and the group. A PCA Advisor will be available for members to meet with individually and will run the group session. We will be open and flexible to discuss whatever you wish on the day or you can contact us ahead of time to let us know what you would like to know more about. If you would like help with our website registration or flexible funding applications please bring your laptop or other device. Refreshments and snacks will also be provided. All PCA Families members are welcome by registering to attend at any location - come to one or all its up to you. More locations and dates are available on our Events page on our website.

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