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Share & Connect - Peer Support - Thu 1 September - Words Drive Culture

Share & Connect
From 01 September 2022 20:00
Until 01 September 2022 21:30
Location Zoom online meeting - Melbourne VIC, Australia

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The words we use to describe ourselves and the words we hear spoken in reference to us, can form our personal story, our narrative and can then become our identity.
Words matter! Conversations around adoption, permanent care, kinship care and foster care and the words we choose are important. The words and phrases our children hear,
especially when we think they are not listening, are intrinsically linked to their sense of self and wellbeing.
We will explore ways to reframe ‘community speak’, respond to invasive questions without communicating shame and how to have those more challenging ‘word talks’ with our
precious children.
Jacinta Foster-Raimondo and her husband Mick have four young adult children, born to their family through the process of adoption. Two children were born in the Philippines and two
were born in Australia. Jacinta is a teacher, metal health and addiction clinician and now works as an Education and Trauma Consultant

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