Providing education and support to deliver better outcomes for children and families in permanent care and adoption

Training and Events

Learning Circle for Professionals

This experiential workshop caters to the needs of diverse professional groups.   It will provide professionals with a deeper understanding of the lived experience of individuals and families who are connected through permanent care and adoption, and how this might inform their practice.

This session, chaired by a highly regarded professional who works with adoptive and permanent care families, includes:

  • Panel presentation by adoptive parents and adult adoptees, addressing
  • Their needs from professionals over different stages of children’s development and transition points
  • Their experiences with professionals – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Suggestions of dos and don’ts for professionals
  • What ‘good enough’ professional help would look like.

Reflective learning processes will support participants to identify strategies and approaches for ensuring their professional practice is inclusive of the unique experiences and needs of families formed through adoption and permanent care.  It will incorporate small group reflection through guided questioning.

Duration: 2.5 hours, incorporating time for questions and discussion.


Parenting with Mindfulness

Utilising the principles of mindfulness as a basis for a parenting approach, this one day program will incorporate:

  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can be integrated into parenting approaches, particularly in environments or contexts where child behaviour is challenging and has the potential to provoke reactive rather than proactive parenting responses
  • Developing self-awareness to build individual emotional intelligence, and how an understanding of self and self-history informs parenting practice
  • Practical strategies for parents to empower themselves to engage with their parenting in a positive and optimistic frame
  • Mindfulness tools for parents to use with children and young people to build children’s emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

To be delivered on 23 June, 2013.