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Governance and Reports

Background Paper: The potential of permanent care 2015

The background paper discusses the potential of permanency planning through alternative families formed by legal orders such as

  • Permanent care or guardianship
  • local adoption
  • intercountry adoption.

The paper is broken into four sections;

Section 1: Care and protection in Australia; provides a brief overview of the children subject to care and protection and discusses The National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children.  This is followed by a profile of children in OoHC and some of the challenges underpinning the need for reform

Section 2: Permanency and Planning; looks at current policy on permanency planning and paths to creating permanent families

Section 3: Placement Disruptions; considers the potential for the current options to breakdown or disrupt based on Australian, UK and USA studies

Section 4: Post placement support; looks at policy implicatons flowing from these studies and includes recommendations and their relevance to support permanency planning in Australia.

To download or read the paper, click here


Submission for Paid Parental Leave for Permanent Care Parents

PCA Families are seeking equal access to Paid Parental Leave (PPL) for those carers who welcome a child into their home under a permanent care order (PCO).  Submission to the Senate for ’Fairer Paid Parental Leave Amendment Bill 2015’ is being considered by the Community Affairs Legislation Committee.  PCA Families have argued that where the carer is required to be home full time for the first 12 months of a permanent care placement,  then these carers should be entitled to the 18 weeks of PPL, just as any new biological or adoptive parent is.

We believe that the review of PPL would benefit from considering Victoria’s case individually, given that PCOs have been operating in Victoria since 1992.  Each year, over 200 permanent care orders are made in Victoria, for children who are not able to live with their birth family.

You can view the submission here.


Information and Support Service (ISS) report

PCA Families Information and Support Service Report July - December 2014


Reform Inquiry for Intercountry Adoption from Prime Minister's Office

Report of the Interdepartmental Committee on Intercountry Adoption - April 2014


State Senate Inquiry into Grandparents and carers

 Inquiry into Grandparents


Response to Prime Minister on Adoption Laws

Letter to Prime Minister on Adoption



Annual Reports and Current Rules of Association


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Permanent Care and Adoptive Families Rules of Association

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Post Placement Support Service 2012 Annual Report

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PCA Families Strategic Plan 2012-2015